Choosing a marketing consultant for your business.

Part 1: What does a marketing consultant do?

Guest Post written by Marketing Hotelier

In the first part of our series of articles on choosing a marketing consultant for your business, we look at what marketing consultants do and how they can help you.

A marketing consultant is someone who can help you start your business, grow your existing client base, and find new customers. Through their broad experience, leadership, and advisory approach, they use both analytical and creative skills to help you get the results you want.

How a marketing consultant helps you to start your business and write your first marketing plan

A marketing consultant is able to take an objective and informed approach to helping you find your first customers or create a database of prospects. They will help you identify who your competitors are and any external factors that may impact or influence your strategy as well as help you clarify what is unique about your business that will entice customers to buy from you. Once they’ve helped you identify who and where your customers are, they will write a marketing plan of activities to achieve the goals you set.

How choosing a marketing consultant can help you drive loyalty from your existing customers

The 80:20 (pareto) rule says that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. It’s far more cost effective to keep communicating with your existing clients than it is to get new ones, and through effective marketing communications, you may be able to get that 20% to buy even more. Loyalty doesn’t just mean a fancy card with points, it can mean an entire strategy surrounding customer service. A marketing consultant can help you review your customer journey and create strategies that encourage your customers to keep coming back for more.

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How using the services of a marketing consultant can help you to expand your client base

Now you’re talking to your existing clients more often and they are engaged and buying more, you may be considering expanding your client base. A marketing consultant can help you choose the right channels while making the best use of your budget. They will analyse your existing customer base, products, and services to identify any potential gaps, and then plan strategies to reach more of the same types of customers, according to a range of parameters.

How a marketing consultant can help you implement new products and services

You may have a new product  you are taking to market or a new service  you need to promote. By employing a marketing consultant, you can focus on the delivery of your new product or service while they take care of the positioning in the market, devise the messages, and decide how and where they are delivered to attract the customers.

How employing a marketing consultant can help with your brand presence

A marketing consultant can help you maximise your brand presence in the marketplace. It may be that you are a relatively new business or just starting up,  you’ve changed your products/services and not updated your messaging, or you’ve been around for a while but have never used marketing and have relied on just word-of-mouth or referrals from customer to customer.

Referrals are an effective part of the marketing of a business but often have a limited reach. When you start to talk to people in your market who have “never heard of your product or service before” you will know you need to look at your brand presence and positioning. This involves being clear internally about what it is that you offer to your market, through devising or reviewing your mission, vision, and values. Then, setting a brand strategy which helps to position your brand in the minds of your target market. Over time, you become the “go-to” brand when a customer needs to solve that particular problem, whatever it may be (finding a hotel, restaurant, home service, etc.)

We hope you’ve found this article useful and that you now know more about what a marketing consultant can do for you and your business. To find out more about our business and marketing consultancy services on the Costa Blanca or chat with us about your business, please get in touch with the Marketing Hotelier here. We would love to help.