Costa Remote Support

Personal and business support services to help you establish your new life in Spain. 

Costa Remote Support

Now that you’ve decided to work remotely on the Costa Blanca, there will be lots of what do I need to do now? questions that you probably need answering.  Having experience ourselves in making the transition to remote working in Spain, we are well placed at Costa Remote to recommend some friendly and helpful support services.  Our goal is to provide you with the resources to make this transition as seamless as possible as there are several services you will need, dependent upon the time that you are planning to stay remote working on the Costa Blanca.

You may be just getting started and need support with setting up your business, your business plan or creating your website. If your business is already established, you might want advice on how to reach your market in Spain or what paperwork you need to set up here.  Or your business may be overseas and you just need help with your personal paperwork.  Whatever your needs are, we recommend some tried and tested support services for the north and south Costa Blanca regions, ready to provide you with one-to-one business or personal support and consultancy services. 

Gestor – an official licensed agent to help you with your Spanish paperwork

Accountancy and tax advisor – you will need them to submit your tax returns if you are tax resident in Spain

Insurance broker – if you own a property, a car or need insurance for your business, they are here to help

Lawyer – a good lawyer that speaks your language is always good to have in case you need one for business or personal requirements

Notary – you may need them if you are buying a property or establishing a business over here

Official Services - Costa Remote

Web designer – if you’re setting up in business in Spain, you can get a competitive edge with an impactful website

Business and marketing planning – if you’re setting up in business, just need a fresh pair of eyes or are looking for some specialist advice on how to grow your client base, a business or marketing consultant can help you.

Graphic design, merchandise and print – bring your brand to life with a consistent design, colour and message that your customers will get to know and love.

Business Support Services - Costa Remote

Personal support

Relocation agency – if you’re looking to move to Spain permanently a relocation agency will help you to find a property, look for schools here, help with your paperwork and many other services.

Holiday Home Management – if you have a holiday home on the Costa Blanca or you are looking to buy one, a holiday home management company can take care of everything for you while you’re away.


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