Official services

Financial and legal support services to help you establish your new life in Spain. 

Official services

Below you will find some useful information about the official services you may need while living and working in Spain. These services are to help you manage the paperwork that is required to live or work here or both. We have recommended an office in both the north and the south of the Costa Blanca so you can find the right partner in a location convenient to you.


A Gestor is invaluable if you are moving to Spain or indeed you are living here already but need help with certain documents.  The Gestor is an official agent, licensed by the autonomous governments to help you navigate Spanish bureaucracy and help you to submit any paperwork with as much ease as possible.  They normally help you with documents and processes such as employment and residence permits; obtaining a driving licence, tourist plates or registering a car; social security and property contracts; or establishing and registering a business.

Gestoria Costa Blanca North

Morales and Zaragoza

Morales and Zaragoza is an experienced Gestoria in Benidorm, located on Ruzafa very close to the car park so easily accessible.  Pedro, Jesus and their small team run a very efficient office and will help you with all the documentation you require for living and working in Spain.

Gestoria Costa Blanca South

Fiscal Asesor (Accountancy and tax advisor)

Your asesor is the equivalent of an accountant and will deal with all of your tax and accountancy processes including submission of your tax return.  They will assist you in the submission of your quarterly IVA return.  Sometimes you may find an asesor who also offers the services of a gestor so you can keep all of your paperwork dealings both business and personal in one place.

Fiscal Asesor Costa Blanca North

Morales and Zaragoza

Pedro Morales is an Asesor Fiscal based in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca.  He can offer accountancy services for both self-employed (autonomos) and businesses (S.L.).  Please contact them for further information.

Fiscal Asesor Costa Blanca South

Insurance broker

An insurance broker in Spain is much the same as an insurance broker that you will find anywhere else in Europe.  Be sure to check the levels of cover as they are distinct to other countries.  The insurers that we recommend will explain to you what is included in each cover.

Insurance broker Costa Blanca North

Sofise, Alicante

An established insurance broker based in Alicante centre who offer a dedicated and friendly insurance service for all your insurance needs while living and working on the Costa Blanca.

Insurance broker Costa Blanca South

Abogado (Lawyer)

Find an abogado on the Costa Blanca that speaks your language. They will be the person who will check contracts for you for your property, run the searches, and manage relations with the notary which is where you will need to register any property that you purchase.   They can also help with inheritance, wills, intellectual property, litigation and many other legal services.

Abogado Costa Blanca North

Express Legal, Albir

The team at Express Legal are there to guide you through the system for the legal services that you require.  They have knowledge of both English and Spanish law are are able to advise on both.  Both consultants are bi-lingual and are able to help you with both English and Spanish legal services on the Costa Blanca.

Abogado Costa Blanca South


The notary is someone you may need if you are buying a property or establishing a business over here. The main function of the Spanish notary is to draft up agreements between private parties, ensuring that they meet the legal criteria.  They then sign, stamp and register them.  For example, for a house purchase, a will or the incorporation of a new business.

The notary will need to be based in the area where you are living, working or buying but here are some that we can recommend:

Notary Costa Blanca North

Notaria de Don Juan Antonio Martin Carvajal, Benidorm

Notaria Juan Carlos Alonso Navarro, Alfas del Pi

Notary Costa Blanca South